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Publishers and their advertisers want to reach consumers in a powerful and lasting way, while consumers want to purchase from companies that are socially responsible. In fact, 90 percent of the consumers surveyed indicated that they are more likely to be loyal to businesses who are socially responsible. By joining the Feed The Ads Network, publishers and advertisers clarly demonstrate their strong support for the arts. This can boost brand reputation, and increase sales!

Compare the benefits of the Feed The Ads ad Network to others:

Feed The Ads: Other Ad Networks:
CPM, or Cost Per Thousand impressions, is a traditional method used to measure online advertising revenue. Feed The Ads is an new, untraditional method to generate CPM.
Feed The Ads: Other Ad Networks:
Feed The Ads is part of a truly unique Network of passionate supporters of the arts. Funding is gained in an entirely new and social way. Our patented TimeFunding® model and our community provide advertisers with a new, exciting way to engage customers.
Feed The Ads: Other Ad Networks:
As part of our Network you’ll be seen by consumers as an active supporter of the arts. This draws consumers to you. 90% of consumers surveyed indicated that they are more likely to stay loyal to businesses who are socially responsible.
Feed The Ads: Other Ad Networks:
As part of the Feed The Ads Network you will be working in partnership with our Fans in funding the arts. Funding for artists is needed today more than ever, and Fans at Feed The Arts appreciate the contributions of our advertising partners.
Feed The Ads: Other Ad Networks:
Fans at Feed The Arts can earn and use our virtual currency to help fund projects and redeem rewards. We let our members earn real money for themselves with the additional benefit of being able to fund their favorite artists. We want to revolutionize online funding and eliminate the term “starving artist.”
Feed The Ads: Other Ad Networks:
Members of our Network demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting the arts. This allows you stand out from the competition.
Feed The Ads: Other Ad Networks:
Ads in the Feed The Ads Network are unique in that Fans see them as directly supporting the arts, which causes users to view them with appreciation.
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The Feed The Ads Network: We're on a mission!

OUR MISSION: To become a self-sustaining source of arts funding, through Feed The Ads advertisers, publishers and partners. Our network will be a robust source of arts funding that funds the projects of our artists in our network, as well as artists who fall short of their funding goals at crowdfunding sites.

OUR VISION: To eliminate the term "starving artists" and with it the need for artists to constantly beg for money to fund their creativity. Utilizing revenue generated by Feed the Ads ad network and our publishing partners, we can provide a subtaintial source of funding for artists projects at Feed the Arts and fill our TIP JAR.
Feed the Arts and Feed the Ads provide exciting, new opportunities to fund up-and-coming artists and help make their creative work a reality. At Feed the Arts, Fans participate by donating their time rather than their money. Unlike crowdfunding, TimeFunding® allows people to donate time to an artist's project by joining our Network and spending time on our site.
We created this platform because all artists deserve to have a shot at realizing their creative vision without having to beg for money! Their fans can now give again and again and not be limited by their own financial constraints.
After joining Feed the Arts, Fans can earn and use Arts Cash®, our virtual currency, to help fund artist's projects. Our member Fans are also able to earn valuable rewards for themselves, creating a real win-win situation!
Our network can eliminate the difficulty of funding the arts and an artist's need to beg for funds.

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Fill the Tip Jar!

Our goal is to have $30,000,000 from our ad network in the Tip Jar!

We work will all artists no matter which crowdfunding site they have chosen.

Studies show that roughly 70 percent of projects on crowdfunding sites don't get funded.

Our Tip Jar is a special reserve fund that allows artist to receive funding to cover a shortage for a Feed The Arts project or a project from a crowdfunding site.

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The Feed Network was created to bring fans, artists and socially responsible companies together to support the arts. The Feed Network is unique and is revolutionizing arts funding!

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Fans in the Feed Network are passionate. As this video shows, they support their favorite artists and causes. Advertisers in the Feed The Arts tap into this passion, resulting in increased ad revenue and strong support for the arts.

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